Saturday, May 9, 2009

Love Percentages - How Do You Test Your True Feelings?

A love percentage compatibility test is just one of the ways that you can measure your feelings for another person. There are many love percentage tests available on the Internet. Some of these tests require no more information than you and the other party's first and last name. Other love percentage tests ask questions about how you feel when you see the person, how long you have had feelings and other questions that delve into the relationship.
Love percentage tests are fun way to think about a new relationship. They provide some insight into feelings that you may have for another person and give you a way to waste time and think about your crush at the same time. Love-percentages should not be taken too seriously, but the more involved tests do ask some important questions.
Psychologists and marriage counselors have been able to pinpoint many of the factors that increase the likelihood of long term satisfaction in your relationship. Some of the love-percentage compatibility tests ask questions about the very things that matter in the long run.
A shared view of the future is very important for long term marriage satisfaction. Without this, it will be difficult to remain a happy couple. What factors attract you to each other is another point that you should explore through a love-percentage-test. While there are no right answers for either of these questions, a common answer is the key. If you both have similar long term goals for your relationship and you both respect similar things about each other, your love/relationship percentage increases.
What do you find attractive about your significant other? This is another question frequently asked on love-percentage-quizzes. While attractive looks are a nice quality, there had better be something deeper there if you hope to remain in a relationship. A shared sense of humor; respect for another's intellect, or passion about a shared goal are all attributes that will increase your love percentage.
Love/relationship percentage tests can be a lot of fun. If you are in a current relationship, they are a great way to jump-start a conversation or kill some time. If you are newly dating someone, it can be fun to use a love calculator to see what the chances of a successful relationship are for you and your significant other. Whatever you do, don't take the results too seriously, instead see them for the fun diversion that they are.
By Emeka Ezidiegwu

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