Tuesday, May 12, 2009

How to Know If a Girl Likes You - 5 Sure Shot Signs to Figure Out Whether a Girl Likes You Or Not

If you are totally infatuated with a girl but are not sure if she too likes you then do not lose your confidence. Read these 5 signs on how to know if a girl likes you and make your move if the signs indicate a yes....
Sign 1 - She does her cat scan over you. You might notice that she looks at you at regular intervals and scans you from top to bottom to top again. So, dress well and do not slouch.
Sign 2 - She smiles at you. If she likes what she scans then chances are that she will give you a shy smile or even a bold one if she too is besotted by you. If she is shy, she might look away when you look at her but if she is bold then she might just mouth out a "meow".
Sign 3 - She finds an excuse to talk to you. She might catch hold of a friend and ask to be introduced to you. Once introduced, she will certainly try to keep the conversation going while trying to gather more information about you.
Sign 4 - She gives her phone number. She might use an excuse to give her phone number to you or if she is bold enough, might directly give it to you without any hesitation. In other words, she expects you to call her up.
Sign 5 - She has singled you out. If there are other fish around you and the girl has only given attention and her number to you then she certainly likes only you. You may now break into a mental jig and plan out your first date.
These 5 signs will indicate that the girl that you like is also into you and she will indicate visually, verbally and with her body language that she is ready to be courted by you.

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