Saturday, May 9, 2009

Are You Ready For LOVE?

At first, you might think that question is a no-brainer. I mean, who in their right mind would turn away from being loved. But if you look at the statistics of divorce or weigh the facts that cheating, neglect, and abuse is on the rise in a lot of relationships, it becomes clear that for some, love isn't enough.
When it comes to being loved and accepting the love that is coming in your direction, there are some major barriers blocking such an experience. Some people ... maybe you're one of them, haven't learned to love themselves. They seek out that which is missing from within, hoping that someone else can fill the void.
So many relationships go bad for that reason alone. You are looking in the wrong direction for help or healing. You think that the other person has what you need but you don't realize that the gift of love first, springs from within and then manifests without.
Another barrier that stops love at the door is when your expectations of some material or physical specifics aren't met. Individuals part ways more often than not due to religious, cultural, class, or racial differences? Unfortunately, the love that passes through all space and time from one soul mate to another must continue to wait until both people are ready to experience the true power that love has over ideas.
If you are ready to really love and be loved there is nothing stopping you from experiencing such an event. I truly believe that you attract like energy to you and what you feel and think you put out into the universe and likewise will draw that same kind of energy back to you. Your challenge is determining how soon you want it and more specially, if you are in a position to respond in kind.
By Felicia Townsend

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