Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last When it Comes to Getting Girls? Here is Something You Must Not Miss

I don't like the title of this article but it is true, Read the article below:
Well it is seen often that nice guys finish last when it comes to women and dating. Indeed nice guys do finish last in most cases. There are several reasons why this happens. Being too nice at times can ruin your chances of being good with women.
Why do nice guys finish last?
They try and make the girl too comfortable so that she is attracted to you. You like to create some amount of tension in the atmosphere that can help her come close to you. What nice guys do is that they make the girl so comfortable that she ends up talking casually as if she was talking to a friend.
Nice guys do not expect to be respected- There are nice guys out there who are willing to do anything for the girl even though it is at the cost of their own self respect. They are ready to take anything that can please the girl no matter what the way his with the hope that they will get the girl they target. The point is that guys may end up losing the girl if they let her crush your self respect.
It is a natural tendency for men to chase things that are not too easy to handle. The same concept applies to women while they are dating. Girls work hard to catch the attention of a guy who is not easy than the one's who are an easy catch. So to all the nice guys out there please rethink!! If you want the girl make yourself a difficult catch. Being nice is no more a virtue and you need to change according to the situation if you want to catch the girl of your dream.
Rahul Talwar
But with those who have made an impression upon your heart, I have noticed that you are timid. This quality might affect a bourgeois, but you must attack the heart of a woman of the world with those weapons... I tell you on behalf of women: there is not one of us who does not prefer a little rough handling to too much consideration. Men lose through blundering more hearts than virtues saves. The more timidity a lover shows with us the more it concerns our pride to goad him on; the more respect he has for our resistance, the more we demand of him. We would willingly say to you men: "Ah, in pity' name do not suppose us to be so very virtous; you are forcing us to have too much of it..."
We  are continually struggling to hide the fact the fact that we have permitted ourselves to be loved. Put a woman in a position to say that she has yielded only to a species of violence, or to surprise: persuade her that you do not undervalue her, and I will answer for her heart... A little more boldness on your part would put you both at your ease. Always remember that "a reasonable man in love may act like a madman, but he should not and cannot act like an idiot"


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