Friday, May 8, 2009

For Perfect Love? Start Here!!!

You may sincerely not like this but it is the genesis of this blog , the post you will read below is a true life story but also intended to sell a very wonderful product that has worked for me and so many others, enjoy the excerpts...
Winning your ex back: My concerted effort approach
Change is a lifelong process, hence going through a break up and trying to make up is not going to be easy. I am not going to deceive you but if you have evaluated your situation and you have convinced yourself, that it is worth trying again, remember that “the better you are as a person, the more irresistible you become”, that is what the break up, should have done to your life.
The concerted approach method is underneath explained.
Tip 1: Be willing to change and grow: Anybody who is unwilling to make changes stagnates, ideally everyone should desire to change, grow better and continuous growth is needed to spice up a loving relation. Observe the necessary changes you need to make and be willing to make them.
Tip 2: Know your strengths and weakness: It is helpful to understand that presently, the one you have lost may feel that you are not the person of their dreams, that’s all right. You are not perfect but it does not mean you have lost that person forever, you can still work your way back into his or her heart. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses. When you face a weakness, acknowledge it, and then accept it, this process must of the time will transform that weakness into strength, denial of it, is what brings the problem and it will no longer just be an illusion.
This process of acknowledging your weakness, gives you time to face the truth and show you have taken a big step forward to becoming a better person, which definitely is seen by all. This new found humility will actually create a charismatic magnetic attraction to you. Your sincere recognition of your weakness will radiate from you naturally, and help you win back the one you’ve lost.

Tip 3: Take the bold step! Good communication is an essential key to reestablishing a positive relationship. You may have to settle for any type of interaction to get the lines of communication back. Don’t worry if you feel awkward at first, this is just part of your newfound humility.
Start a conversation, say whatever you have to in order to draw out that person’s feelings, it may be slow in the beginning, depending on your skill, but any effort to apply correct principles will have positive results. Try, try, and try!
Then listen, listen, listen! Try to understand. Be persistent. Show consideration, but suddenly fall into the old traps momentarily. Just be resolute to listen without being defensive, and start again.

Winning back the one you lost, is not hard, if you could just follow set approaches that have worked overtime, so if you need more on how to really make up with the one you lost, approach it concertedly here.

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