Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What Are the Elements of Love? By Marteshia Pittman

Love is an emotions that is expressed in many different ways. It is how this emotion is expressed that determines if it is true. Love is expressed through words, body language, feelings, thoughts and even certain looks.

Often times, people express their love by simply saying, "I love you." It's always great to hear, but how do you really know? It really doesn't matter how long you have been with someone, because love has no sense of time. It's not always about what is being said, but how the message is being conveyed.

Men and women both use nonverbals to express their love for one another; it could be a simple kiss, holding of the hands, the way you hug, the manner in which you touch, or the way you move when interacting with that special someone. So often of times, it's the "unspoken" that has the most impact on an individual. Other ways you can tell if love is real for you, is how a person makes you feel inside.

When real love is present, more often than not, people experience warm feelings, feelings of excitement for a particular person, confidence, a sense of being wanted and needed, or it can even be explained as a breath of fresh air. Although when in a relationship, times can sometimes be trying, love is a happy feeling. Women sometimes revert back to their high school years and get that girly feeling all over again. Men, although wanting to portray a sense of toughness or being macho, sometimes become a bit more subtle or reserved. Sometimes things come out that people thought they had lost years ago; love can do that you know. There is also not being able to get a person out of your mind.

There is nothing more sweet and romantic than being with someone for years and continuing to have those same feelings for each other as if just meeting. When a person reaches the level of loving someone, that person stays on his or her mind and almost everything is a reminder of that special someone. A song reminds you of a particular evening or you get a whiff of someone's cologne or perfume that brings that special someone to mind. There are so many things that when in love, reminds you of the other person, but aside from thinking of that person; there is nothing like the looks received when two people love each other.

There is a look for everything. When in love, there is a look (no words) of anger, disappointment, sexual want, happiness and anything else that can be thought of. True love, inspite of life's trials and tribulations, is a beautiful thing. There is no more wonderful feeling than the unspoken communication between the person or persons in love. Love is a positive feeling, there should be no harmful elements to loving someone if it is real.

If these elements are in place, one could and probably would say that a person is in love. Anything other than these wonderful feelings, a person may need to re-evaluate his or her relationship. With that being said love is what love does, so if a person is not making the one he or she is involved with feel happy, supported, wanted, needed and good in every way they know how, love is probably not the word that needs to be used.

 Below is a Message from Love Message
I’m not going to stand here and say I love you, because personally I don’t know if I even know what love feels like. So I’ll say that I can’t stop thinking about you.
I always feel like I should be holding your hand when I’m walking down a sidewalk. I keep setting another table place setting in dinner because I don’t want to eat without you.
I wake up every morning wondering if you are wondering about me. I sleep wishing I’m in your dreams tonight. I take an extra 5 minutes in my usual 7 minute prayer to beg God to guide you through the day safely. I no longer like being left alone.
I keep searching for you anywhere possible even though I know you can’t be here.
So if that’s love, so be it. I’m in love with you, totally, truly, madly.


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