Monday, June 22, 2009

How is Asking Out a Friend a Bad Idea? - Being More Than Just a Friend and Its Issues

To every issus there is always the part that so many of us will never agrre to, of course we are human our ideas and believe differs, hence the reason I have decided to post the article below:

Asking out a friend is a bad idea. Falling in love with a friend is - at best - awkward.
You know the person well, and can't help but think of how perfect you'd be together. Not only have you shared a lot, but you know their strengths and weaknesses. You feel like soul mates.
While some friendships bloom into romance, I have to be frank...most do not. Furthermore, by revealing your emotions to your friend, you risk the relationship you already have with them. Read on to learn why asking out a friend is a bad idea.
It's bound to happen.
When you're extremely tight with someone, you can't imagine your life without them. You feel almost a spiritual bond with them, and this can often be similar to feelings of love. In truth, you probably do love them, but the relationship's foundation is not sexual. It's this very comradeship that makes dating a friend a bad idea.
Things will change.
I know what it's like to have a crush on a friend. Holding in your feelings is like torture, but beware of letting them loose. Mentioning romantic emotions to your friend will change the dynamic of your relationship. Even if they assure you that nothing will change, it's bound to happen. In my case, the girl told me I was still her best friend, but our time together grew less and less. Even today, the vibe between us is forever changed.
"So what do I do?"
First, don't talk about your feelings to anyone. Expressing your emotions gives them life, making it impossible to move on. From there, think about all of the other singles to date, and meet them. Don't close yourself off to others, as you could miss out on a great romance. Feel grateful for having such a wonderful person in your life, but know that asking out a friend is a bad idea. Within time, your feelings for your friend will subside.

I do not totally agree with Zack but what do you think? 

I love you and you say you love me so why are you backing off im still waiting for your answer. So what that we are far away we havent talked about getting together and yo havent gotten back to me ,and it is killing me inside. love you baby i hope we make it
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