Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tips For a Better Relationship

I would love to write on every tip that I have read, seen and practice in a love relationship or what do you think? In a love relationship, it is not just about the first date, we all want a love affair that would last the test of time and even survive the storm that life would sometimes present to us. In life we all want to be loved - that is what all humans desire. In a love affair there always the place for growth in all ramifications of life (spiritual, intellectual, emotional and financial). In every love affair to end in what we all desire, THE DESIRE must be in our heart to make it work. If a love relationship is to work out there is a sacrifice that is to be paid by both parties.
I will ask you some basic questions now in my bid to test your desire for your love: Do you love him/her? What does she/he mean to you? Can he/she go through hard times with you? What is her/his favourite colour? Lastly, can you describe the colour of her eyes in different mood? I got this this to add from Emily Chase book;make your date a memory and not just about the food or dance, in that book she gave an example of a guy that invited his girlfriend for dinner at a restaurant, the girl knew that in their community, there is no such place for a dinner, the girl came as planned but on getting to the guy's house she was given a wonderful dinner she would never forget for the rest of her, when next I write I would give the full details of that wonderful date (dinner).
But before I go I'll want you to know that your love relationship requires your patience with your love no matter the changes that occur and allow the love to grow. The following are excerpt from a woman I respect so much enjoy it and practice them as you grow in your love affair:
(1) We make our decisions in life. We are not totally helpless. We determine our own direction.
(2) Sometimes, purposely avoiding arguments and differences can be more destructive to a relationship than the airing of those differences.
(3) There is strength in conformity, but we must have the wisdom to know when to stand alone (set your standards).
(4) It is sometimes the inexpensive, little acts of love that keep the spark of romance alive.
(5) If you are in a relationship with a WINNER, you only have two choices, get in gear and move to the top with him/her or get left behind.
(6) When two people work together, toward the same goal, they get there faster.
(7) Words are awfully important to a woman. Tell her how you feel about her.
(8) Always remember to tell him/her that you love him/her(that's only if you really do anyway).

I know one thing for sure that as far as you are ready to learn, you are on your way to your LOVE AFFAIR DREAMLAND. In this article I have talked about your desire, which is all that you need to make a relationship work, always remember humans are not perfect but we can improve and move towards perfection

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