Friday, June 5, 2009

True Love in Action

Your love is the most precious thing i have,Your pulses of heart are the only melody i love,Your sentences are the reason of my peace.To the end of the world i will say I Love you my love
Message from Love Message
You know, most of us relate to true love like it is only an emotion. A private inner feeling. And sometimes it is an inner feeling that we feel the need to protect or hide from the object of our love. Like if we express it we are vulnerable and we might get rejected or it might not be fully reciprocated.
But what if true love was more like a beacon of light that was supposed to shine and illuminate the world around us? Instead of being hidden or kept safe, what if true love was meant to be translated into acts and expressions of love as often as possible?
True love is meant to be expressed. It is meant to be given away freely. It is not supposed to be just a private inner feeling. So when you feel true love in your life, find ways to act on it. Give it away. Shine its light into the world around you. Turn your love into action.
True love is best replenished by expressing it into direct action. If you are fortunate enough to feel some love, find ways to express it directly. Show it off, shine it's light into your world.
How can you do this? There are many ways, but one good way is to listen. Listen to your mate or love like your life depends upon it. Focus completely on what they are saying. Listening in this way is a powerful gift to give to another person. Making them feel heard and understood when they share with you is a very generous and nurturing act.
Another powerful way to turn love into action is with direct eye contact. Drink them in, looking them right in the eye, as you converse. The eyes are the windows to the soul. Amazingly, studies show that direct eye contact fades in relationships over time. Don't just look at the area of the eyes, make direct eye contact and see how that feels for you and your mate.
And then of course a powerful expression of true love is touch. Not just sexual touch, but outside the bedroom. Just brushing their arm, giving hugs, these are direct expressions of affection that touch the heart easily.
There's a lot more to expressing love, but listening, looking and touching are always a good foundation. Don't keep the light of your love under a bushel basket. Take it off and let it shine as often as you can, and see what a difference in makes in your - and our - world. Turn it into little actions to make it more real.

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