Saturday, September 19, 2009

How to Avoid a Bad Relationship - And Win at Love by Katie

As some might think, the key to avoid a bad relationship and win at love is common sense and yet you really don't know until you're taught. What have you been taught and how's that working for you?
Be a Winner
• Know what you want.
• Looks get your attention but go deeper.
• Does this person share the same interest as you?
• Know that you can attract exactly what and who you want!
• The key is knowing what you want and seek it out.
• Don't compromise who you are and what you like.
• Go to places and do the things you're interested in.
• Find who you like in the places you like and double your pleasure.

Don't Fight Nature - just be who you are, do what you like and go where you enjoy being. Going places out of your element is never a good starting point to win at love! Just as you go to your favorite restaurant to eat your favorite food, you to should go to your favorite places to find your best love.
Let's face it love is like hunger, if you don't get what you crave and desire you will be left unsatisfied.
What You Need is what you should get. Don't go about changing yourself and fitting some stereotypical mold. The best catch for you is a person who is like you and enjoys the same things you do. The best move to win at love is be yourself. It is only then you will attract what you are truly attracted to! Now that's real chemistry baby!
The Big Secret is that there is more than one perfect person for everyone. We've all evolved past the ancient myths and now understand that for every person there is far more than one other perfect match. So don't settle, seek out and find the person that flips your switch and visa versa.
Don't Give Up
• Enjoy dating many different people, this is a great and fun part of the plan!
• There is no set number of dates you should have before you find the one.
• Take your time the dating experience teaches you a lot about who you want.
• By learning what you don't want you come closer to what you do want.

All this is golden, relax take you time, choose wisely
These fundamental and basic needs are essential to finding and enjoying one of the many perfect love affairs just for you. It should be a balanced and yet exciting match one that really gets your blood pumping. There are so many people out there just right for you so enjoy the process.

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