Sunday, July 12, 2009

Keep Your True Love - Relationship Advice That You Ought to Take Heed by T Hendricks

Have you watched Never Been Kissed wherein the character played by Drew Barrymore said something in this fashion, you finally found the one and you are both smiling and crying at the same time because you are happy you found the one and at yet scared that you may lose him? Kudos to you if you have succeeded in finding your true love and this is no easy feat. What is harder though is how to keep your true love. Read on for valuable pieces of relationship advice.

Happily Ever After Is Never Automatic

It is not impossible but it does not come automatically. At some point in your lives, you will get tired of endlessly staring into each other's eyes and start noticing the not so pleasant facets of your one true love. Love is not enough to take your mind off the fact that he keeps forgetting to put the toilet seat down, nor is it enough to take your mind off the fact that she cannot cook a decent meal even if her life depended on it. A lifelong relationship, to work, needs work from both parties.


The first thing is learning how to compromise. Maybe you can switch chores, you do the cooking, she does the table and dishes. It is not easy but the effort of learning to meet halfway is more than worth it. You are doing these things for love, your one true love.

Self Check

Look at yourself in the mirror and make an effort to know who you really are. If even you yourself don't understand who you are, what your personalities are really like, how do you expect your partner to know and understand the real you?

Keep Those Lines Open

You have all heard it so many times; an open communication with one another is a key to a lasting and strong relationship. When you ask questions, keep an open and positive attitude towards what your partner has to say. When you are asked the question, think hard and well and consider every angle as much as you can before blurting out your answer. Listen carefully to your partner, not only in terms of verbal communications but non-verbal most especially. Take note of every facial expression and body language your partner exudes.

Conflict Resolution without the Conflict

Probably the biggest part in how to keep your true love is to learn how to deal with conflicts the non-explosive way. When your partner does something that infuriates you, try your best not to explode in their faces. Resolve the conflict with the least amount of friction. Put yourself in their shoes, how do you want them to handle the situation when you are the one on the hot seat?

Even if you master these skills, there are no guarantees that your relationship will be the smoothest, problems will always and inevitably arise that will challenge your relationship but these will help you keep the bond strong and will lessen the chances of you having to lose your one true love.

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