Thursday, March 11, 2010

Be Romantic! Simple Ways to Make Any Girl Feel Special and Loved

Being romantic is something a lot of guys struggle with and every woman longs for in a relationship. It doesn't make you any less of a man and really shows your loved one that you care. Don't wait for Valentine's Day to come around, there are simple, practical things you can do to put a smile on his/ her face.
Starting with the classics...
COMPLIMENTS - The most simple and effective of all, pay your loved one a compliment. You know how much they mean to you - so tell them! Tell them how good they look, how they make you feel, how special they are. Follow it up with a hug or a kiss. Do this at least once every day, no excuses!
LOVE NOTES - I'm sure as a child or teenager you have written or received some kind of love letter. Remember how great that felt being told that someone likes you. Anyone can write and email or text, but a hand written note is much more personal. Write your loved one a note just to say hello or to say how much you love them. Its not what you say, its the fact that you made the effort to say it. Use anything you can find, a scrap of paper, a post-it note or the back of a piece of mail. Leave them in unexpected places for your loved one to find. Under their pillow, in their purse or wallet or stuck to the steering wheel of their car. You can always just post it to them. Always draw a heart somewhere on the envelope, this adds to the excitement of the letter.
A MIX CD - We all have access to computers and most of us have moved towards buying mp3's. We can still use this to our advantage. Just like before, putting in a little effort will really score browny points with your loved one. Create a CD of their favourite songs, memorable songs you have shared together, or simply songs that remind you of each other. This will most probably will be listened to when you are apart and is a great way to spark those warm feelings inside.
FOOD/ DRINK - The way to a woman's (and man's) heart is their stomach. A cliché thats true! Candy is a cheap way of putting a smile on someones face. Buy your loved one their favourite candy bar. Tell them you got them a little treat for being so lovely, or for working so hard, or even because you knew it was their favourite. Another simple gesture which is very effective. Just knowing someones favourite food or drink makes them feel like you care. No need to cook an expensive meal or take them out to an expensive restaurant. It really is the little things that make a big difference.
CHORES - Do something you really don't want to do - and don't wait to be asked. Random acts of kindness are really appreciated. Tidy up, clean the kitchen, take out the trash. It sounds obvious but taking control and being assertive is a very attractive quality in a partner.
CARDS - A personalised card is another cheap and fun gift for your loved one. You may not be the most creative person in the world, but the worse you are at drawing and crafting the more it will be appreciated. Don't spend money on expensive birthday, Christmas, anniversary or valentine's cards when you can make one especially for your loved one. Draw a picture of you together, find your favourite photo(s) of each other or Google a romantic scene. Personalise it with a heartfelt message and try to include their name on it somewhere, so that they knows its been designed just for them. Again, the more hearts the better. Get out your red sharpies and your pink colouring pencils!
These are some of the basics. I have many more simple romantic ideas to share with you. The more you can tie in an idea with your partners life or personality the more effective it will be. I will eventually delve into more creative and unusual romantic ideas, but lets master the easy ones first...
BE romantic!

This is an article by  Patrick Filewood

Achieving result in any relationship involves applying this tips and truly following this steps would make your love life an example for others


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